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View Maniac has worked with 50 Cent in January 2015 on a collaboration with Tuesday's Children foundation & Century 21 Department stores. The marketing campaign was a success. You can hear the song and watch the lyric video which was also designed by www.ViewManiac.com LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE:


View Maniac Has worked with the biggest brands in music!

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    We have worked with the majority of major labels and major artist including 50 cent & G-unit, Interscope records, DefJam records, Sony Music, Epic records, T-pain, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Katy Perry & Many more. Record labels utilize our Online Music Promotions Services to build the brands of their new artists. We help with overall brand development and strategy and have the Best Music Promotion Services Today. Our marketing campaigns have produced over 1 Billion Views on youtube worldwide! One of our biggest success was Mac Miller's smash hit "TRUMP" Which is currently at 97 Million views and caught the attention of Donald Trump which helped create massive attention for Mac Miller. We are the go to company for social media marketing. We give the artist the best possible ways to build a true fan base the right way. We have helped many indie artists sign a major record label contract. Our goal is to bring the best out of you and allow you to focus on your music while we focus on your brand.

  • Are there secrets in the music industry?

    Having over ten years of experience with working with major labels and artists we can tell you that there are secrets and set formulas to build a brand and gain massive success through music. The majority of indie artist don't ever understand this point. They solely focus on the music and leave the marketing and branding to the waste side. If you notice only 1-2 new artists come out each year per genre so the odds are stacked against you. We give you the edge that you need and if you make great music then you are really ahead of the pack. When we develop your brand we focus on a few different aspects that will set you apart from your competitors. The key is ATTENTION! We drive REAL attention in many ways with our music promotion service. The labels understand this and so do we. With enough attention in the right areas you will create leverage to choose the situation you desire.

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Some artists we have have worked with:

  • 50 CENT

  • G-UNIT











  • MAGIC!

Ariana Grande

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