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Music Marketing Strategies

Strategic Brand Review
by View Maniac

We will provide you with the key factors that influence your online brand identity.

We will also provide actionable advice to improve your online presence so that you can use social media to leverage real fans, followers and listeners.

Most clients that we work with tend to overwhelm themselves with all the things they think they need to do, rather then working towards there goals.

Figuring out your goals is all about asking the right questions.

What do I want out of this?

What are my goals?

Why am i doing this?

We  aren't trying to put you on the spot, but its something to think about if you are serious about your music.

Music Marketing Services

At View Maniac we work in terms of outcomes and not so much in terms of activities.

What we mean by that is you could be thinking of ways to get attention, so you say your going to make a post on Twitter, Facebook or put a video out on YouTube, but if you don’t know what the end result is from doing so, you will just float.

The best place to start is by creating order, so we want to help you get uncluttered: When looking at your brand we want to break down the main areas to focus on. This is the same marketing the majors use.


Based on these 10 topics we will help you formulate the best way to reach your goals.
Not only that, but we will create a map for you to get there.

1. Marketing – How do you plan to market yourself or label.

2. Branding – What is your overall message? What is the look you are going for? Whats your demographic? If you could have anyone's fan base whip would it be?

3. Time – Doing these things will require dedicated time. How do you capitalize on your time? We are going to show you things that can help you speed things up. How can you automate some of the process?

4. Social Networking  – How does are profile look? Are you active enough?

5. Website  – Do you have a website? Does it best represent you? Your website is your home base, eventually all of the attention that we are going to get you we want to drive back to a site that you own.
we can show you how to capitalize on that with things like a…

6. Newsletter -  If you don’t have one, this is something you definitely what to add to your list. having a newsletter is still one of the best ways to generate money and we show you how to do that.

7. PR – What PR lanes can we focus on. Radio, Blogs, TV.

8. New Music – How much will you release? when do you release what. We consult with you on the best way for you to release music and the best way to capitalize on each peace so that you can cross promote properly and also not have material overlooked.

9. Music & Music Video Submissions - We have A&R’s on staff that we directly submit to, we are also licensed to submit music directly to MTV, BET, Fuse, Revolt and also a wide variety of retail stores.

10. Team – Who’s on your team, what does each person bring to the table? Fortunately when you work with us you have a complete team. we handle everything i just mentioned and more. When you work with us we guide you through the process, answering any questions you have and we also have set calls where we talk music marketing strategy.

Best Music Marketing Strategies Now

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