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Get On Music Blogs

  • We place your new music on the biggest blogs worldwide!

    Did you ever want to have front page real estate on the source or All hip hop & other high traffic blogs? We can place your new music on some of the biggest blogs worldwide that get massive attention and traffic. If you were to pay the companies themselves they charge thousands to get placements but we have deals in place with our partners allowing for amazing deals for indie & major artists to land their new projects on over 20 blogs. This grows your brand and puts your music on a pedestal like the majors.

  • Our Blog Placement services are guaranteed front page placement!

    These blogs equal millions of hits per month with all potential eyes seeing your new music/video. Your new music will land first page placement on the following blogs. Allhiphop.com thesource.com leakrew.com thehypemagazine.com paparazziiready.com thisisrnb.com hip-hopvibe.com youheardthatnew.com mechanicaldummy.com therapfest.com realentertainmentnews.com hiphopsince1987.com hiphopondeck.com jackthriller.com keepittrill.com triplehq.com thatsenuff.com myhiphoplife.com urbanalleyblog.com boi-1da.net

High traffic blogs that help build your brand!

Release your new music to the masses!


Some of the Major blogs!

You will feature on the front page of over 20 major blogs

  • Allhiphop.com

  • thesource.com

  • thatsenuff.com

  • hiphopsince1987.com

  • mechanicaldummy.com

  • youheardthatnew.com

  • thehypemagazine.com

  • jackthriller.com

get on music blogs


Yes we guarantee front page real estate on the blogs.

Each blog is different and we run your campaign for one month and will complete each placement throughout the month.

The price varies on the music and the artist. We require you to email us at [email protected] where we will review your music and let you know the guaranteed placements we can provide you along with the price. Please do not contact us if you do not have a budget of at least $500-$1000. This is a major blog service that is required for us to pay for real estate space in which we are extending our connections to the artist.

Call us anytime at (866) 705-6651

Get On Music Blogs

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