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Music Publicist Services

  • In-Store Product Placement & Event Planning

    Did you ever wonder how major artists get their new cd's in best buy, target, walmart and more retail stores? View Maniac will set up your in store event where your fans can come in and you can sign autographs and interact. We capitalize on the event in every way possible for you to help broaden your reach and grow your brand. We set up the physical distribution so that you can sell your new album in the biggest retailers worldwide.

  • Our Music Publicist Services are utilized by a majority of major & indie artists.

    First impression is everything and if your brand is not ready the public will sense that like wolves do fear. We help you identify your weak points and the structure in which you need before taking your brand global. We build your strategy and develop ad campaigns, grassroots marketing, in-store events, cross promotion, & social media marketing.

Brand Recognition | Product Placement | Cross Promotion

What is your commercial message?

Sean "Diddy" Combs Celebrates CIROC Last Train To Paris Promo Tour
  • Social Media Development

  • Event Planning & In Store Product Placement

  • Major Blog Placements

  • Tour Planning & Management

  • Music Video Placement

  • Social Media Verification


We have over ten years experience in the music industry and have worked hands on with some of the biggest brands you see today. We have over 15 viral videos under our belt along with over a billion real generated views on youtube & VEVO. We deliver our expertise and time tested formulas.

If your brand is ready please contact us and we will give you a free brand evaluation and review. If we feel like you are ready, we will develop a full strategy and proposal that will include our costs and duration of the campaign.

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