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Music Video Submission

  • Do you want to get your video placed on big networks like MTV, BET, FUSE, REVOLT & More?

    We have placed many of our clients videos on MTV, REVOLT, BET, FUSE, & other networks. Record Labels utilize our Music Video Submission service to place their artists new videos on these networks for global exposure. We also submit your songs for placement in stores such as footlocker, journeys, hot topic, finish line, and more!

  • What you need to know before submitting?

    Alot of artists make the mistake of trying to spend their budget money on getting their video on MTV but what we focus on first is your brand. Do you have a solid brand with real fan retention? We do not offer this service to everyone because these networks do not accept everyone. We first take a look at your brand and if you are ready we will run the service for you but if your brand needs some tweaking we will let you know what needs to be done before we can submit you to these networks.

  • FREE video review & Consultation

    We like to be honest with our clients and we treat you like family. Some companies offer submission services for upwards of $500 with no guarantee. We do NOT accept your business unless we can place your video! Please email your video or song to [email protected]

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Some Of The Networks We Work With

Music video submission

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It depends where your brand currently is. The networks do not just choose everyone. It is a process in order to get placed. Some companies sell submission services with very low ratio's and we refuse to sell a service unless we can guarantee it. You first submit your video to us and we will review it and get back to you on what your options could be.

It depends which network fits best with your music video. Our video placement costs range from $600-$2000.

When your video is placed we keep you up to date throughout the entire process and you will receive full airtime schedules so you can see your video air live!

Feel free to call us at (866) 705-6651 if you have any other specific questions. We will go over the best options for you and answer any questions you might have.

Music Video Submission

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