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  • Why can't indie artists sign up for a VEVO channel themselves?

    VEVO is mainly for the Major artist but you can acquire your VEVO channel if you go through a content partner. We will acquire your VEVO channel and service the channel as long as you need. We have the fastest upload times available! VEVO & YouTube are separate companies although they work in unison. VEVO does not allow the artist to publish content. VEVO publishes all your content and there is no back end structure like youtube which most people mistake & that is where View Maniac comes into play. You can get your VEVO channel set up and have your videos published ASAP! We submit your content directly to VEVO and within 24-72 hours your videos will go live and will be published to your VEVO channel. Other companies offering VEVO services usually take up to 2 weeks to one month before your video is approved and published! We also offer real targeted traffic campaigns driving in real people to watch your VEVO videos leading to real interaction, video likes, comments, social shares, subscribers and more. Please visit http://www.viewmaniac.com/services/vevo-promotion/

  • How can VEVO help build your brand?

    Most indie artist utilize youtube to build their brand but when you have a VEVO channel it puts your brand on a higher tier. It will create more awareness for your brand and you also get paid more royalties from VEVO then you would on Youtube. VEVO is linked with YouTube, so all of your video content will be searchable through YouTube!


We have the fastest upload times hands down! Top notch customer service and we are available everyday when you need us either through email or phone. Any other VEVO provider takes 20 days to one month to get your video published. We take 24-72 hours to get your videos published on VEVO and nobody can match our speed and efficiency!

Yes! We can get pretty much any video approved including lyric videos, audio visualizers, official music videos, cover songs, behind the scenes, interviews etc.

We encourage you to call us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help and our goal is to make it easier for you in any way possible. Call us @ (866) 705 -6651

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