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Lyric Video Production | Lyric Video Maker

  • We are the leaders in Lyric Video Production! Our lyric videos have gone viral 15 times! Major labels & Indie artists trust the #1 lyric video company! Call us Today (866) 705-6651

    We don't just deliver an amazing lyric video we also give you our expertise. We have worked in the music industry for over ten years and have worked hands on with the biggest brands you see today. We deliver your lyric video and offer you a FREE video marketing campaign to get your video seen by thousands. We also will get your new lyric video production placed on music blogs to help build your brand for FREE! #1 Lyric video makers!

  • Lyric Video Production

    The original Lyric Video Company “View Maniac” has done lyric videos for Katy Perry, Eminem, 50 Cent, Yelawolf, Rihanna, & many more. When you are looking to release your music, you want to release it with a bang and we will help you do just that! Work hands on with a consultant & lyric video maker. We will take care of all your lyric video services! Order your lyric video production today! (866)705-6651

Silver Lyric Video Example

Silver Lyric Video

Our Silver Lyric video is our smallest video package but it is still very powerful for a new single release. If your looking to come out with a strong branded lyric video utilizing your artwork, logo, images plus animated lyrics, motion background and not break the bank this is the perfect option for you! If your looking for more detail and certain customization with your lyrics and more of a themed video throughout the gold and platinum option would most likely fit you better.

Gold Lyric Video Example

Gold Lyric Video

Our Gold Lyric video option is a professional lyric video production used by many major artists such as Ariana grande, 50 cent, yelawolf, taylor swift and more! We combine your artwork, logo, overall brand theme and we try to theme the lyric video to your new single as best as possible. This option offers more animation, motion backgrounds, more font changes and style and overall more freedom. This option also includes a free marketing campaign + Music blog submission!

Platinum Lyric Video Example

Platinum Lyric Video

Our Platinum Video option is the most utilized option for major artists in the music industry! This is the perfect way for you to get massive attention to your new song without spending thousands on an official music video. Fans love to see your lyrics on screen. This option gives more animation throughout and customization including more font changes, color, motion backgrounds, and more! We include your logo, artwork, and images or video. This option comes with a free video marketing campaign + Music blog placement.


  • $299
  • Animated Lyrics
  • HD 1080p Quality
  • Up to 4 Minutes


  • $399
  • Animated Lyrics
  • HD 1080p Quality
  • Up to 4 Minutes
  • Motion Background
  • 1 Animated Scene
  • FREE YouTube Marketing Campaign


  • $799
  • Animated Lyrics
  • HD 1080p Quality
  • Up to 4 Minutes
  • Motion Background
  • 5 Animated Scenes
  • FREE YouTube Marketing Campaign


Lyric video production

Lyric Videos Designed By View Maniac

View Maniac is very professional and it was a pleasure to work with them. They did an amazing job and i will always use them for my lyric videos. You want to be able to work with someone that you can call and speak to. Check out the lyric video they did "Show Me" Featuring Chris Brown. Thanks for everything!

Kid Ink
Kid Ink,
RCA Recording Artist

In today's industry Lyric Videos are popular based on the fact that the artist can't spend all the budget money on music videos anymore so the lyric videos will showcase how the fans react. I love their creativity and how they can match mine. They get it done every time, on budget, and always meet my artistic needs.

Dawn Richard
Dawn Richard,
Recording Artist

View Maniac is badass! You see what they did to my "Till It's Gone" Lyric video! They really do bring out the best for you and work hands on. They care about music and it shows through there work. You always have to remember you get what you pay for in this game. thanks guys looking forward to the next one

Interscope Recording Artist

There is nothing that View Maniac can't do when it comes to lyric videos and i am pleased with all the work. Whenever we have a vision they deliver and i truly appreciate that. They understand music first and foremost which is important because you can feel at ease letting them take control of your projects.

Jasmine V
Jasmine V,
Interscope Recording Artist

We have been producing lyric videos for a majority of major recording artists for over 5 years and have our work all over the net. We deliver all videos in HD quality and take pride in our work to deliver something special to help build your brand. Unlike other companies we like when you call us and we want to hear your ideas. Call us anytime for any questions you need answered. (866)705-6651

That would terrible!  We want all of our customers to love their videos.  Part of why we have designed our process to allow approvals and critiques is to ensure that you get what you want from us in the most cost effective way possible. We deliver a preview a few days after you place your order. Once you approve we go ahead and finish your video!

Hopefully you’ll catch any changes that need to be made during the review process and let us know about the changes with your feedback.  Most changes requested during production of the video will be made as part of the process.  

You can send us WAV, or MP3. whichever works better for you.

When you place your order you will be directed to fill out a lyric video questionnaire where you can copy your lyrics and any specifics you want in your video.

Anything that you feel enhances your brand-image and would like integrated into your video.
A few ideas:
• Band/Artist Logos
• Album art
• Promo photos (high-quality professional photos preferred)
• Any artwork you’ve produced that ties into your music
We’ve generally found that low-quality live video footage, shaky hand-held video footage, photo snapshots, etc. are difficult to integrate into a lyric video.

Yes, we can integrate your video footage into the design and animation but only in the gold or Platinum option.

Let us know ASAP and we will get the typos fixed. Please check your lyrics before you send to us because we are just copying your lyrics how you write them

We are based in the USA but we are glad to help customers located anywhere as long as they can get us a payment for our services and can correspond in English. If you need a video in a different language we can do that as well just get us the lyrics in your language and english.

If your song is substantially over 400 words in length, we will add the following per additional 50 words:

• $40 per 50 words extra

Lyric Video Production

Lyric Video Maker

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