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VEVO promotion

Our campaigns include:

  • 100% Real Traffic

  • We send email blasts to thousands of targeted users, music execs, a&r's

  • Video likes

  • Comments

  • Social Shares

  • Your video will rank higher in the search engine!

  • We always over deliver on your video

  • You can always call us for 7 days a week support

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VEVO Promotion

  • REAL traffic campaigns. Drive Massive attention to your VEVO videos!

    We send real traffic to your videos. We do not use BOTTED views like most companies. We are delivering real traffic to your videos that will result in real views from real users. Our views will show up from google, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. When the traffic starts to build you will receive real video likes, favorites, social shares, comments all during the campaign until we complete. We always over deliver for our clients.

VEVO Promotion
vevo promotion

VEVO Basic

  • $59.99
  • 5,000+ VEVO Views
  • 250+ Video Likes
  • 250+ Video Favorites
  • Comments During the campaign

VEVO Standard

  • $99.99
  • 10,000+ VEVO Views
  • 750+ Video Likes
  • 1,000+ Video Favorites
  • Comments During the campaign

VEVO Premium

  • $129.99
  • 15,000+ VEVO Views
  • 1000+ Video Likes
  • 1,500+ Video Favorites
  • Comments During the campaign

VEVO Professional

  • $199.99
  • 25,000+ VEVO Views
  • 1,000+ Video Likes
  • 1,500+ Favorites
  • Comments During the campaign


YES! All of the views we are sending to your video is coming from real users. We maintain a very large email subscription list where we send your video out to thousands of users. This will result in real views, video likes, favorites, social shares and more. We also post your video on blogs that get a lot of attention.

Your brand is very important and you want to hold your brand to high standards. We help you not only look the part but we help build your brand and drive real attention that could lead to new fans for you. You can always trust that your in good hands when you release new music. We care about good music and we want to supply you with grade a service you can't find elsewhere. We are in no way affiliated with VEVO with our marketing services. We are providing you our service through View Maniac Inc only!

We have been in business over ten years and worked on more then 15 viral videos and have delivered over one billion video views to our client base. Other companies do NOT drive real traffic. They boost your video count which is against terms of service which is why a lot of clients have videos deleted using other services. We are trusted by SONY, DEFJAM, UNIVERSAL, INTERSCOPE, & more because we keep your account safe ALWAYS!

If you would like to set up a bigger campaign please email us @ [email protected] and we will set up a custom campaign for you.

VEVO Promotion

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