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Website Design For Musicians

  • We have designed some of your favorite artists websites!

    We have been providing Website Design for musicians for over ten years. We have done Websites for artists such as Trey Songz, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, and many more! We are the labels go to team for website & brand development. We give you the experience we gained over the years and cram it all into your brand to deliver a major result for a great price.

  • Your website is your brand! Your homebase for your fans!

    Your website should be one of the most important assets you have. It is vital to grow your brand and to funnel traffic from your social media back to your website. We offer you high quality designs along with complete website optimization that will allow you to promote your website in the future. We use recent technology to build your fan subscription list & social media integration. Call or email us today to talk about your project.


We have over ten years in the music business!

We give you our expertise! Simple but catchy design

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You want to make sure you get your website done right the first time! We give you the best possible design and website for your brand. We have developed hundreds of websites for the majority of the music industry and we bring you the same quality. We use the most relevant technologies to help you build a fan base and get your website seen by millions.

The first thing you should do is have a logo designed for you! That is your brand recognition point that can translate later into more record sales, merchandise, clothing etc. It is very important when building a brand along with social media branding where we design your social media channels and then we optimize each account so that more people can find you organically.

It depends of course what you are having us design but usually for all designs we take 15-30 days to complete your website. We try to get very clear on your vision from the beginning so we can make the process fast and easy for you.

Feel free to call us at (866) 705-6651 to go over your projects. We will go over the best options for you and answer any questions you might have.

website design for musicians

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